Monday, June 14, 2010


Good Morning All!
We have a very special release coming out tomorrow! One of our design team members has been having a really tough six months and we wanted her to know how very special she is to us. I went back and forth with her on this design with her not knowing it was going to be for her. She is a HOOT and if you don't know who I mean.. I will tell you her name starts with a V! :) There is more to the story but the designer who starts with V loves to tease.. so I will wait until later and tease some more.. per her request! :) Have a great day!


  1. Oh you sneaky girl you!!! I didn't realise! Ha Ha! I thought you were just asking my opinion and me as usual, put my two pennyworth in!
    Well, that makes tomorrow all the more special to me, knowing it was all planned. I will never get over this Kathy. I love you to bits.
    Viv xxxxxx

  2. A very special set for a very special lady! Sneaky, sneaky!!! :-D