Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Angelica!!

Were goin to Mikey's Pub tonight for Karaoke for Angelica's birthday... I whipped up a digi after I got home from work.. and colored until I fell asleep WHILE coloring .. IT WAS ALL FUN!!

Happy Birthday Angelica!! Thank you so much for all you do for us!! Love you!! MOM

I am posting ONE VERY SPECIAL CARD! Angelica's awesome husband, Jorge.. made a card for her.. came down here and let me take a picture of it for Angelica's birthday surprise online today!!

Good Morning and welcome to a little surprise that our awesome design team members came up with. Here are their super sweet Birthday wishes and cards for Angelica in this order:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Angelica!! I love you!!
and so do lots of other people... and they are all just lucky that I had you! LOL.. :)
Love you,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

PKS January Release Blog Hop

I apologize for the delay.. I was having ISSUES with new computer verses my brain!! I didn't win.. I had to go use Angelica's computer to get the pics up. :( Sorry!!)
I had a lot of fun with this set!!

I glued and glittered one of Nikki's crocheted flowers and made it into a shamrock .. on the end of a popsicle stick .. made it so the sentiment would slide out from under the first glittered layer on the card.

Hello and welcome to super fun filled release and blog hop!! Please leave a comment here for a chance to win this fun set of stamps PK-234 Cheers for Green Beer! Here are some projects that I created with my set. The only two stamps that I didn't use are the single outline shamrock and the single coin. Sorry.. ran out of time. If I don't have my pics up right away.. I will have them up soon!! Please check back in just a bit?

Good Evening Peachy Keen Fans! Today is THE day! We have three new face collections to release (in our assortment and 1-1/8" size), two St. Patrick's Day image sets and lots and lots of eye candy for you! Tonight we'll be showcasing all of our new releases PLUS our recently-released Valentine's Day sets. There's a chance to win at every stop, so you don't want to miss a single one!

All the new stamps will be available for sale tonight, shortly after the hop. Take a look at the new face sets below!

Next on the list is the lovely and oh so talented, VIVIENNE!!
Kathy - (you are here)

Here is a list of ALL the stamps showcased tonight {Links will be activated once they are available for purchase}:

PK-450 Wide Eyed Kids Assortment
PK-451 Wide Eyed Kids - 1-1/8" Set
PK-642 Boy Mates Assortment
PK-643 Boy Mates - 1-1/8" Set
PK-757 Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed Assortment
PK-758 Wide Eyed and Bushy Tailed - 1-1/8" Set

PK-280 Valentine's Sweets
PK-281 Valentine Cupids
PK-285 Mark & Sharen Love Frogs
PK-282 St. Patrick's Day
PK-283 Cheers for Green Beer!

Thanks so much for checking these out!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sneak Peek NEW 2011 RELEASES from Peachy Keen Stamps!

Here it is!

My sneak peek of yet another PKS release! This is PK-234 Cheers for Green Beer set! I have not had this much fun .. well.. since the last release in November! I really love this little guy! The mug of beer is separate so you don't have to include it if you don't like beer (or green beer)! Be sure to visit all of our awesome PKS Design Team blogs over the next two days for taunting, no less. Get ready for a super fun BLOG HOP on Thursday when you will be able to scoop up all of these new releases at in time for the upcoming holidays!

Sneak Peek ORDER: {PS - yes, I stole it from Lorie}

The following designers have sneak peeks for you today, so please go check them out!
And be sure to check back tomorrow when these ladies will be showing you snippets of stamping greatness!
Now, don't forget that on Thursday at 7 p.m., we'll be blog hopping, and sharing our entire sneak peek projects with you. There will be lots of inspiration, tons of fun, and a chance on every blog to win a free stamp set. See you then!!!!

Our Design Team rocks and it would be a shame to miss out on ANYTHING they make!!

Thank You ALL for everything! BIG HUGS and tons of PEACHY LOVE!
:) KathyJ

Thursday, January 13, 2011

KinderStampO Peachy Keen Birthday Tag Swap

Happy Birthday Jessica! Above is the birthday tag just for you!
Jess is Jessica or AKA KinderStampO and here is the post for her January tag swap.
The tag above is the one I am swapping.. I am making as many as Jess told me signed up for this super special event. I am honored to have been asked and that people would want to swap tags with me!! :) Thank you to all that have signed up and I am super excited to see what you make too!!

Also, I used a face from a brand new set of stamps that have not yet been released. You will see them next week at our new release BLOG HOP!! Check back for details on our home blog page

All tags are signed on the back with "Have a Peachy Keen Birthday" Hugs, KathyJ 1-2011

Enjoy and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jess!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Giant Gingers

I cannot bring myself to put these away for a whole 10 months so they will be left out and dressed accordingly for each holiday. I have a ton more pics of these but they are trapped in my phone! This pic doesn't show any of the detail very well.
I had so many sweet comments on Facebook that I decided to post how I made the GIANTS!! I had my friend, Woody at Apple Pie Memories cut these out for me out MDF ( which is like wood only it doesn't warp). It was great fun as Woody cut these out for me in MINUTES right in front of me. Video is also trapped in my phone! Woody can cut anything for you too.. I have a link above to his contact information.
I succeeded at taking all of December OFF to play with all the fun stuff I have been collecting this year!! It was just an awesome time for me!
To paint on MDF.. first you need to seal it. I sealed mine with DecoArt spray matte sealer and finisher. Stunk up the warehouse pretty bad! You can use any water based sealer on it - brush on or spray.
I then based the bodies with Americana Acrylic Cocoa using a sponge roller. Let dry then gave another coat of the same. If you have ever painted from any of my books or patterns you will know what color meshing is. I color meshed Cocoa, Honey Brown and Moon Yellow over the entire surface of each. Color meshing is awesome because it not only covers great.. you also get a great texture! I will have video explaining this technique coming to you next week.
The gumdrops and hair are separate pieces so those were painted separately. They were adhered to the gingers with heavy duty velcro.
There is a ton of glitter and super fun color in these.. the pattern is in my head.. all of the product I used is by DecoArt (maker of Americana Acrylics) and Martha Stewart Glitter. THEY WERE SUPER FUN TO MAKE and I plan to add to the collection over the next few years! Much love to all and thank you for your sweet comments on Facebook! I loved reading all of them! BIG HUGS and Happy New Year!!

Q: are these for sale? A: no
Q: can they be put outside? A: Yes ( if you plan to put something like this outside- you need to seal them with a durable outside sealer)

Thank you for my Birthday Blog Hop!!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I cannot begin to tell you what an awesome birthday I had! I still can't believe so many people knew and I didn't find out! It was an awesome birthday surprise... it took awhile for it to sink in.. exactly the scale of it! THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH FOR AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY THAT I WILL NEVER FORGET!! The cards and gifts were just the icing on the birthday cake. I have them all in my office and I get all tingly whenever I see them! You are all so kind and I can only say that I am honored beyond words that you all participated in that VERY VERY SPECIAL Birthday Blog Hop FOR ME! Thank you all!! You really made a big difference in my day and in my life! Lots of Love and many wishes of joy to you and yours in the New Year!! :)
IF YOU MISSED it.. you can always go back through to see all of the awesome peachified cards these wonderful ladies made for me! I know I was blown away and will cherish all of these cards forever!!
Kathy's Surprise Birthday Blog Hop