Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I found my overalls!!

HELLO OUT THERE... anybody home?  What a day it's been.  A glorious, feel good day!  I've been organizing my 800 square foot house and let me tell you, that is NO EASY TASK!  I had so many mixed emotions this morning when I found my favorite bib overalls.  They brought me back, first of all to being 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant in them... with daughters Alissa (now 18) and  Madeline (now 16).  These are the very jeans that Angelica (now 28) was talking about me wearing  over to school (poor kids)... I saw nothin wrong with them at the time.  I fit right in with these pants when Adrianne (now 27) would duck in the van and plead with me not to stop at the curb to pick up someone's trash table / chairs / bookshelves / headboards. I have four daughters .... I didn't have any boys.  That's okay though, I have heard that boys are so much easier than girls... and what is life without a challenge?!!

These overalls tell a story.  I literally lived in them!  Although I don't wear them in public anymore, they are a treasured part of my life!  I painted three books in these and MANY MANY rooms too.  The roller marks are from a stubborn roller that wouldn't stay put on the handle.... I got tired of stopping constantly, grabbing plastic and pushing the roller back on... SO I improvised and used my body covered with overalls to push the roller back on.

There are MANY MANY MORE stories in these overalls that I could tell.

Okay.... Just one more! Dave and I used to go to Iola Car Show every year in Iola, Wisconsin.  It is a HUGE CAR show. There are also MILES AND MILES of JUNK parts... Every mechanic's dream lives there!  There is always a craft show at the local school (with really NICE inside bathrooms)...  WELL... it was about one hundred degrees outside.  Dave for some reason packed my clothes.  I don't remember why... but guess what he packed?  These bibs!  They came in handy when I had to carry a fricken bumper for his Nova back to our HOTEL... (the caravan with no seats in the back parked in the campgrounds across the street). Well right then, he owed me one!  We walked down to the craft show and of course I couldn't wait to get in there to cool off in the bathroom and get washed up.  There were two ladies a little bit older than I was at the time... They were just staring at me and smiling.  I smiled back .... THEN THEY ASKED THE QUESTION...."Where did you get those jeans?"  I had to laugh out loud at first... until I realized they were serious!

Have a GREAT hump day all you Camel LOVERS out there!  Thanks for reading my silly story about my treasured find today!

BIG HUGS and lots of Love!
Kathy Jakopovich