Friday, January 7, 2011

Giant Gingers

I cannot bring myself to put these away for a whole 10 months so they will be left out and dressed accordingly for each holiday. I have a ton more pics of these but they are trapped in my phone! This pic doesn't show any of the detail very well.
I had so many sweet comments on Facebook that I decided to post how I made the GIANTS!! I had my friend, Woody at Apple Pie Memories cut these out for me out MDF ( which is like wood only it doesn't warp). It was great fun as Woody cut these out for me in MINUTES right in front of me. Video is also trapped in my phone! Woody can cut anything for you too.. I have a link above to his contact information.
I succeeded at taking all of December OFF to play with all the fun stuff I have been collecting this year!! It was just an awesome time for me!
To paint on MDF.. first you need to seal it. I sealed mine with DecoArt spray matte sealer and finisher. Stunk up the warehouse pretty bad! You can use any water based sealer on it - brush on or spray.
I then based the bodies with Americana Acrylic Cocoa using a sponge roller. Let dry then gave another coat of the same. If you have ever painted from any of my books or patterns you will know what color meshing is. I color meshed Cocoa, Honey Brown and Moon Yellow over the entire surface of each. Color meshing is awesome because it not only covers great.. you also get a great texture! I will have video explaining this technique coming to you next week.
The gumdrops and hair are separate pieces so those were painted separately. They were adhered to the gingers with heavy duty velcro.
There is a ton of glitter and super fun color in these.. the pattern is in my head.. all of the product I used is by DecoArt (maker of Americana Acrylics) and Martha Stewart Glitter. THEY WERE SUPER FUN TO MAKE and I plan to add to the collection over the next few years! Much love to all and thank you for your sweet comments on Facebook! I loved reading all of them! BIG HUGS and Happy New Year!!

Q: are these for sale? A: no
Q: can they be put outside? A: Yes ( if you plan to put something like this outside- you need to seal them with a durable outside sealer)


  1. They are just BEAUTIFUL!!! Kathy, you are just AMAZING at EVERYTHING YOU do that is what makes you SO SPECIAL my friend!!! When "I" grow up, I want to be just like YOU!!! OOOOH, Kathy, I have to share some GREAT news w/you! So hopefully we can chat sometime later today (since its already morning!) lol...
    BIG Peachy Hugs!
    Luv Ya,

  2. Love those.. There's another business idea for you. (Make and sell these). These put a smile on my face just because of there little personalitys. Great little Ginger Bread.. You are so talented.

  3. These are soooo super cute! You are awesome!!TFS

  4. these are adorable I too would have a hard time putting them up for 10 months, That was a good Idea to keep them out they are adorable to look at.

  5. These are adorable!! I wouldn't want to put them away either !

  6. I know I told you before but your gingers are AMAZING! I think they are going to be super cute decorated for each holiday! I can't wait to see how you decorate them.

    Ruthie :)

  7. I love these Gingerbread people.
    I wouldn't put them away either.
    They are too adorable!!

  8. OHMYGOODNESS!! These are just to cute for words!! I can't wait to see the video you are making!! Thanks for sharing a great idea~!

  9. Awww.. thank you everyone!!
    I have to suck all of this up.. Lorie hasn't finished hers yet.. I KNOW THEY will blow mine out of the water! Lorie Souther is the designer behind ... she is amazing with copics and with paint! Light em up Lorie!! I know yours will just SHINE!! :)

  10. These are just tooooo FREAKIN cute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! I will need to make some gingerbread people next year for our yard. This year we made really cute lollipops for our yard, so this would be the perfect addition! TFS! Hope you can "untrap" the other pics and video.. would love to see them.

  11. Absolutely awesome!!! I don't blame you for not wanting to put them away. Hope you get loads of enjoyment out of decorating them for each holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wowww...Kathy these are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!! You should or hopefully already do illustrations for children's books!!! If you already do, please let me know because I would love to have some for my daughter. Thank you soo much for sharing your talent with us all.
    Sweet Creations...

    Here is alink to my blog for you to glance at:

  13. awesome cant wait to use mine!!!!!

  14. Just adorable Kathy! Thanks for sharing the 'how to' with us.

  15. There was a call to follow you because they said you didn't have enough followers! Well I could have sworn I already did...but I am here now. All of your creations are AMAZING! I love your stamps... they are just such a wonderful product! I love the challenges and your DT's.
    Those gingerbread are so darn adorable!
    Kim H

  16. OH MY CUTE !!! What a great idea !!!I'm so glad Emma mentioned that you had a blog and to follow you ! I guess I just assumed I already did since I follow the challenge blog and your DT's blogs too. I love PK stamps and get get enough of seeing projects with them :)

  17. Big surprise...I also love the Giant Gingers. Woody did an awesome job cutting them and you did a great job painting them. I liked them when they were little and the Giant ones are just as adorable. You make me smile :D Thanks!