Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peachy Keen Stamps - New Veggie Stamps

UPDATED with a pic of Lucy in her Soup apron! :)

Happy Birthday to Lucy today!!
Our oldest grand-daughter turns two today! I haven't met anyone quite like her! Lucy LOVES to cook :) Pa-Pa Dave and I gave Lucy and Marlee a toy size kitchen for Christmas to accommodate their desire to "help". For quite a while now, Lucy will get a big bowl, bucket or anything that might do for a soup pot and a big spoon and stir imaginary soup. She says she's "Makin' Soup"!! Now she puts fake food in the pot, stirs and lifts the spoon to your mouth for you to taste. Mmmmm .. it is the best soup ever! :)
I thought a little apron and oven mitts would be fun for her birthday.. this is as far as I got. I painted our new veggie stamps on her little apron and used her own quote. I haven't painted much on fabric but I have the whole line of So-soft fabric paints by DecoArt. They sure work nice!! I hope she likes it! :) I will have to take a pic of Lucy wearing this after Grama gets it pressed.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy Valentine's Day!!
Hugs, KathyJ


  1. What a sweet little picture of Lucy wearing the awesome apron that you painted for her. She is so cute and so is the apron!

  2. That is just to precious!! I am sure she is a good helper.